Features & Benefits

The goal we strive for when we design our furniture is to achieve a beautiful long lasting, heirloom quality piece of furniture at the most affordable price possible. By using high grade raw materials combined with modern machinery and patient hand crafting and a country location with low overhead, we’re able to achieve our goal of:

Our pieces have the following features:

FAS Lumber

FAS lumber is the top grade of hardwood lumber. It is the widest and longest lumber available in hardwood grades. This insures a beautiful grain pattern in door panels.

Face frame construction on all cases. (Dressers, chests, entertainment centers etc.)

The face frame serves the same function as closing the lid on a cardboard box. Without the face frame a case has no structural rigidity across the front of the piece and in time a piece becomes weak and wobbly. Though time consuming to make, we firmly believe in this structural piece.

Frame & panel door construction

Frame and panel door construction allows the door panel to expand and contract during high and low humidity seasons of the year without warping the door as a whole. This technique has long been considered the ultimate response to this problem. All frame members have routed joints which are glued and secured with steel.

Single board, 1 piece drawer fronts

One piece drawer fronts insure a beautiful multiple narrow boards glued to make a pattern across the front of the piece.

Dove tailed hardwood table slides

These are the industry standard that support 36″ of leaves in a table, and easily allow tables to open and close smoothly.

Removable table legs

Removable table legs allow the tables to be shipped and brought into homes with restricted passageways. Legs are easily reattached to tables with a single bolt and wrench.

5th leg option

Though not necessary, some people who keep both leaves permanently in the table, prefer an additional supporting leg.

Dove tailed Baltic birch drawers

Dovetailing is the strongest possible joint between front and sides of a drawer. Baltic birch is an extremely durable, stable material. By using this we’re able to insure that once a drawer is hand fit, it will stay that way for years.

European bottom mount drawer slides

These slides insure smooth rolling, strong, long lasting, trouble free drawer opening and closing.

Individually fit drawers

Each drawer is individually fit in the mill for functionality and beauty.

Adjustable self closing hinges

Ease of use.